U The Caribbean Health Digest – Media Kit


U – The Caribbean Health Digest is the first publication of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago dedicated to bringing a wholesome approach to health, lifestyle, and well-being related to Caribbean people.

Our quarterly digest was launched in 2008 and circulated throughout several Caribbean territories for over ten years. After that time, we took a brief interval to evaluate the best way to continue to impact the well-being and lives of our subscribers and readers.

Like any other industry, the magazine world has also felt the impact of digital technology. Years of extensive research reveal a reduction in print publications and a significant increase in online readership. Faster internet speeds, interactive content, online marketing opportunities and a more economical distribution medium are some of the considerations we have employed in making our move into the digital space.

U is produced with high production values meeting international standards. Our exceptional team consists of writers, journalists, and professionals in the medical spheres both locally and internationally, who bring their experience and keen insight into matters that each of us can relate to in one way or another.


Over the years, we’ve managed to not only assemble an impressive database of readers and subscribers, but we’ve built relationships with real people who have influenced and inspired our decision to relaunch U.

Our distribution will now be completely free to our 10,000 plus readers. Combined with an intense marketing strategy, we plan to increase those numbers quickly. We genuinely believe that delivering high-quality, relevant content at no cost will allow us to build on our consumer base, adding incredible value to any advertiser aligned with U.

Online distribution channels will include email links and social media marketing to drive traffic to our website where U will be hosted in an easy to navigate and downloadable formats. Shortly after, U will be launched on an international digital magazine platform to widen our reach and reader population.


We genuinely believe that print is not dead, and for some people who remain connected to the touch and smell of paper like we are (and for other reasons, of course, like waiting rooms or your personal library), we would be happy to oblige in supplying printed copies at a cost per copy that will have to be agreed upon.


Marketing and advertising will take the form of an ongoing intense social media campaign developed to target our audiences. Some of our strategies will be co-branded initiatives with our advertisers, product giveaways, and interactive activities. We will launch surveys to ask our readers what types of articles appeal to them most and do competitions to feature a new writer in every U issue.

We recognize that developing and growing our database is essential to widen our reach and audience, but we also know that keeping them is equally important. Therefore, marketing will be continuous and comprehensive, always staying on top of the trends, relevant, informative, and credible, but most importantly, always adding value to our readers’ health, well-being, and lives.

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872.09 USD

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3,375.00 TTD or
490.55 USD

4 Issues
1 Insertion per Issue

3000.00 TTD or
436.06 USD


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2,500.00 TTD or
363.37 USD

4 Issues
1 Insertion per Issue

2,000.00 TTD or
290.70 USD



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